International Media Coverage Increases Bookings for California Resort

Our client, Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging in Groveland, California, has received tremendous publicity for their Resort because of their purchase of six Conestoga Wagon Co.® wagons.

The press release written by their advertising agency (who now also represents us!), was distributed nationwide, and as a result, over 200 articles were published on sites such as,, and Because of the publicity, the Resort received thousands of visits to their website and of course a burst of reservations.

In addition, the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau brought journalists from the UK to stay in the wagons. The Daily Mirror newspaper reporter (quoted on our homepage) wrote about the stay, as did the reporter from Cosmopolitan UK. In reference to a Tuolumne County Visit, the Cosmo writer stated, “Whatever you do, make sure to stay in a Wagon. As a woman of height, you’d think sleeping in a bunk bed would be a nightmare, but these were genuinely nicer than sleeping in my own bed at home.”

Soon there will be another group of tour operators visiting the Resort after they attend an international tourism conference. What a great way to increase business! Let the tour operators bring it to you.

The original press release was sent out in September and yet the Resort is still receiving requests from journalists, now March, for information on the Resort’s Conestoga Wagon Co.® accommodations.

Our agency tells us that in order to get articles published, there needs to be a newsworthy item. For sure Conestoga Wagon Co.® glamping accommodations were right for this client’s public relations, and they can be for you too. Contact Jason at (307) 277-0525 or to find out what’s possible for your Resort.