At The End of the Oregon Trail – Networking Brings Results

“Cool” was the most common comment we heard as the many visitors at the 175th Anniversary Celebration of Oregon City, at the end of the Oregon Trail, stepped inside our company’s Conestoga® Wagon that was on display.

Most often reaching out to the appropriate organization for your market results in some stalwart results. That is just what our Marketing Agency did and as a result, with the invite of the Executive Director of the End of the Trail Interpretive Center, we just couldn’t refuse to help them celebrate. So we transported a Conestoga Wagon from Idaho to Oregon City on August 24th.

And the visitors were especially pleased to hear that there is high interest by another organization our Marketing Agency connected us with who may purchase and place the wagons throughout Oregon. Everyone thinks our Conestoga® Wagons are “a natural” for Oregon.

Some of the city’s commissioners were present and they shared the extraordinary enthusiasm of the Executive Director to bring our Conestoga® Wagons to Oregon.

We must give some credit to the educational game, The Oregon Trail, for popularizing the Conestoga® Wagon, however the Interpretive Center was sure to clarify the use of Conestoga® Wagons. Because they are very large, over 24 feet long, they did not travel the Oregon Trail, but instead were used as freight haulers with as many as 8 horses needed to pull them. It was the smaller Schooner Wagon that the pioneers used to travel to Oregon.

That lack of Oregon Trail use did not in anyway dampen the enthusiasm for our Conestoga® Wagons. Oregon folks are really looking forward to glamping in the king size bed and the twin bunk beds once they arrive in Oregon. Some families are even considering purchasing them for their back yards for guest accommodations.

Networking surely was of great benefit to us and we strongly encourage that it becomes a tool that is used by all.

Congratulations to Oregon City and thank you Oregon for welcoming us.