Conestoga® Co. Cabins

Get a Taste of True Tranquility With Conestoga Cabins!

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These cozy havens bring a touch of rustic charm to your property, offering guests a private but genuine countryside escape.

Sizes and Styles

Designed with flexibility in mind, our Cabins come in
various sizes, catering to your property needs. Whether
you want to provide a tranquil couple’s retreat or a
spacious family getaway, these cabins will redefine your
guest’s stay!

Stone Bank: Preferred Financing Partner for Conestoga

If you are ready to expand your ranch or resort, Stone Bank is ready to help with a USDA or SBA loan!

Durability Meets Comfort

Crafted with a robust full-metal frame to ensure durability and longevity, all while boasting an aesthetic exterior that your
guests will love.

Plus, with RV-style hookups identical to our popular shower houses, seamless integration into your property’s amenities is a given. Give the gift of a unique glamping experience while redefining relaxation on your property!


 New Solar Powered Option!
• Full Metal Framing
• ANSI Code Compliant
• RV Hookups
• Style and Sizing Options
• Available With or Without Bathroom
• Easily Transported By Forklift

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All options and amenities are subject to change without notice.