Bar 10 Ranch in Littlefield AZBar 10 Ranch is located in Littlefield, AZ, on the North rim of the Grand Canyon. They offer a fair host of western ranch activities, all within view of the magnificent Grand Canyon. And that includes accommodations in covered Conestoga wagons!

Bar 10’s beautifully secluded location near the Grand Canyon provides a variety of activities most others cannot match. 80 miles from civilization, in the heart of some of the most beautiful landscape this country has to offer, makes the ranch a rare and unique destination in today’s modern world.

A Little History

Tony and Ruby Heaton founded the ranch in the early 70s. The remote location made access such a headache that they decided to add an airstrip.

The Bar 10 is located near Lava Falls Rapid, one place folks rafting the Colorado River land. The Heaton’s had a brainstorm that they could offer said rafters an easy flight back to Las Vegas. The idea proved popular and the ranch gained a happy reputation as the first flush toilet and warm shower after a week on the river.

In the early days, the ride out of the canyon was by mule, then by old school bus to the Bar 10 airstrip. The ride out of the canyon is a little faster these days. Instead of mules and a school bus, rafters ride back to the ranch in a helicopter!

Staying at Bar 10 Ranch

Rides out of the canyon aren’t the only thing that has improved with time. While rafters see Bar 10 as a convenient stop-over point, many others know it as a destination all its own.

The ranch offers a wide range of activities. There’s horseback riding, hiking, ATV rides, river rafting, skeet shooting, helicopter tours, and live entertainment, to name but a few. The unparalleled natural beauty of the area is another draw, as is all the amazing foliage and abundant wildlife.

Grand Canyon Wagon Camping

One of our favorite details is the accommodations. While the lodge has five perfectly comfortable rooms you can stay in, they also offer space in two of our Conestoga covered wagons!

Our Conestoga covered wagons are real, handcrafted, wooden wagons. Their design is based on authentic, 19th century wagons but offer enough modern amenities to qualify as luxury accommodations. Bar 10 has named each wagon after a historic wagon trail.

Luxury Glamping Wagons

If you’re looking to add some Western authenticity to your list of accommodations, Conestoga Wagon Co.™ has you … covered.

Our authentic, handcrafted wagons are built in the USA and can be customized to fit your lodging needs. Learn more!