Each wagon comfortably sleeps six with a resort king bed along with two sets of twin bunk beds. This unique glamping Conestoga Wagon Co. accommodation can also be customized in many other configurations.

Our Wagon that sleeps four has a resort king bed, one set of bunk beds and a table.

The wagons are equipped with built-in bed frames and electricity from either an electrical RV hook up, solar panels, or configured to work off a standard car battery where a wired connection is not available.

For year around comfort, Air Conditioning and Heating are among the many optional amenities available in the wagons.

Wagon lodging Dimensions are:

  • Length: 24 feet
  • Width: 10 feet
  • Height (to top of canopy): 12.5 feet

Our craftsmen build each wagon by hand and are very proud to offer a quality “Made in the USA” product. The team is quickly earning a reputation for providing dependable and durable units.

Conestoga Wagon Company was founded in 2015, in Bear Lake (Garden City), Utah. Please explore our photo gallery to explore our Conestoga Wagon Co. lodging options.